Sunday, April 12, 2009

Subtitle delay with subtitle workshop

Tools you gonna need:
Subtitle Workshop (download link)
Wrong subtitle
In this tutorial I'm gonna show you how to adjust timing of subtitle. If you downloaded subtitle workshop we can begin.

Download subtitle for your movie from one of the major subtitle database. I would recommend you:
Best practice is to download all of them, sometimes you can run into the one that works.

Lets load our first subtitle:
File > Load subtitle
Now lets load our movie:
Movie > Open
Pause our movie and let me explain you subtitle workshop main window.

1. Application menu like in most of windows programs.

2. Left menu.
Mode - Select in witch mode you want to work, I prefer to work with time.
FPS - frames per second is automatically adjusted when we load our movie.
Charset - choose what best suits you for your language.

3. Movie preview with controls and scrollbar.

4. Subtitle with start time, end time and text.

Play your movie and check when first line of subtitle should show. Look at time and pause it. Then go to:
Edit > Timings > Set delay...
In new window enter how much delay you need and press apply. Now check your movie again, if beginning is all right scroll somewhere in the middle and see is there alright too, then check end of the movie. Sometimes subtitles can go all wrong in the middle of the movie. When that happens you will need to find the line where it goes wrong and adjust it again. Just highlight that line go to the end of subtitle press shift and highlight last line. This will choose all lines between those two. Delay it again and check it.
When you are satisfied with result go to:
File > Save as...
New window will show with different formats. Most used one are .srt (SubRip) and .sub(DVD Subtitle).

If you want to burn movie with subtitle on DVD check this tutorial:
How to burn movie with subtitles on DVD

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