Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How to convert subtitles

Tools you gonna need:
Subtitle workshop (download it and donate some money)
"Wrong" format of subtitle

Sometimes we gonna need to convert subtitles from one format of
subtitle to the other one, e.g. from .txt to .srt file. For that we need some kind subtitle creator or converter.
Subtitle workshop is just right thing for us, it's gonna make our life much easier.
With subtitle workshop we can create our own subtitles,
edit someone else's, change formats and many more.
Now click above link and download it, i'll wait here.

After downloading and installing double click icon on desktop and here we go.

First we gonna load our subtitle:
File > Load subtitle and search for it.

Now you have screen like this:

On the left side we have some options, mode leave it on time and FPS(frames per second).
Frame rate(FPS) of movie is important to have working subtitle.
To know your movies FPS we gonna let subtitle workshop to choose it for us:
Movie > Open and load your movie

Just one more step is left, to save our subtitles:
File > Save as

You'll get screen like this with bunch of different formats to choose:

Double click on format you need and save it.

Two formats mostly in use are: .srt(SubRip) and .sub(DVD Subtitle).


Anonymous said...

Allow me to recommend you and easier solution.
1. Upload a subtitle.
2. Choose the option Download in another format.
3. Choose the format and the frame rate, if necessary.

Dornen said...

that site is just excellent, just converted a subtitle in it, thanks anonymous and movietutorials.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks!

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